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Executive & Leadership


I serve as a guide and facilitator to enable executives, entrepreneurs and professional leaders to ignite their personal best, both in business and in life. 

I am passionate about igniting self-awareness and discovery to optimize leadership performance and growth.  AIRO Coaching provides tools to drive performance and balance both in and outside of the workplace, for the individual and amongst teams.  Executive and leadership coaching is beneficial to leaders who seek an external sounding board and thought-partner.

Emphases include:  

  • Individual leader and team strategy sessions  

  • Executive Team transition including new leader assimilation and integration

  • Corporate adaptation to  acquisitions, integration, and organizational alignment

  • Leadership effectiveness and development 

  • Consistency, balance, personal branding in & outside of the workplace

  • Leadership presence including board-level presentations and effective communication 

  • Candidate and Career development & sequencing for individuals

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Lifestyle Health

& Wellness

Coaches help individuals prioritize their own wellbeing to amplify their effectiveness and awareness.​ 

We'll develop actionable plans to create change and achievement of your wellbeing goals.  You can live in the present as you also propel toward more of your dreams. Guided self-discovery to propel transformation includes:

  • Values and vision mapping and integration - connecting to potential  and manifesting success

  • Integrating a holistic approach to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to transform personal values and visions into intentional actions 

  • Building on your strengths to face challenges, navigate transitions and overcome obstacles, fears, or limiting beliefs in your path .  

  • Self realization and identity optimization - aligned with a wellness and recovery mindset to create optimized balance and behaviors 

  • Nutrition and fitness, bodywork transformation and regimen guidance


Relationships &


Establish how you want to show up for yourself and others and who you want to attract. 

Achieve interpersonal goals and ignite communication with clarity, compassion and collaboration,  Find harmony and personal wellbeing in your relationships and organizations.

Through coaching, we will:

  • Identify what has heart and meaning to you as an individual and honor the partnership or group while doing so.  

  • Build trust and gain insights around both disparate and complementary communication styles and intentions

  • Ignite integrity to improve listening and empathize while promoting influence and understanding for others

  • Balance self awareness and meaningful articulation to achieve freedom from fears in interpersonal relationships 

  • Gain more confidence speaking privately or in public forums.  

  • Establish right-thinking and right-speaking dynamic dialogue habits


Meditation &


As a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, I employ mindfulness coaching to the practice of awareness.   

We will work together to clarify your awareness of what matters most - what truly has heart and meaning to you?

This enables transformation from goal setting to goal flourishing.

  • Harmonize physical, emotional and cognitive connection to intentions through  breathwork and mindful processes.

  • Introduce energy and chakra work to enable creativity, enlightenment, empowerment and optimization

  • Discover your capabilities and motivational mindset around fitness, self-care practices, goal setting and lifestyle improvements.

  • Sustainable training to synergize head & heart insights, stamina, self control and confidence

  • Propel joy within self, and among others by activating deep awareness and potential.  

  • Find freedom to stick to boundaries while being open to more meaningful, trusting, vulnerable connections in personal and professional settings.

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