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About Coaching

A Coach does not develop people. 

A Coach enables people to discover and develop themselves.

You set the focus, the theme and the goals you want to achieve. 

As your Coach, I am your support and sounding board, your guide and catalyst as you identify, 

aim and target desired results.  Rooted in the principle to be open to outcomes, not attached to them,

I facilitate learning how to focus forward to gain discovery, insights and clarity.

My role helps you stay committed to your goals, objectives and intentions.

AIRO Coaching involves simple yet heartfelt conversations that can make a big difference.  

Simple does not mean simplistic.  

We will talk about what really matters.  It's dialogue that can transform your life. 

Coaching is about grounding in the present, with relevant acknowledgement and reference to past conditioning, but primarily rooted in looking forward.  Think of coaching as the architecture to build a future paved with visioning and transformation through deliberate purpose-driven intention and goal planning.. Sometimes coaching is complemented with other professional support; true to my ethical training, I will be upfront if I feel any part of the process may require therapy instead of coaching.  

One Size Doesn’t Fit All.

Each coaching relationship is unique; coaching is not an exact science. 

AIRO programming is customized around numerous factors, and will be unique

in its design and execution for each client.  Packages are available across 12 or 20 week intervals

as well as individual sessions based on specific needs. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

In addition to one-on-one sessions, coaching may consist of preparing a client for meetings,

professional presentations, refining communications, enhancing team or partnership alignment,

as well as fitness and mindfulness guidance.

Each session will be designed to fully support you with goals you have identified to propel

your leadership, lifestyle, or wellness journey forward.

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