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Meet your new Coach,

Elizabeth Cooksey 

I began my journey as a coach early, as an athlete and trainer of others, and then during my accomplished corporate career in customer experience, retail and strategy, working with leaders across many levels to achieve growth and results anchored to meaningful values.  I have a well developed ability to see the strengths in others and help them achieve their goals in a safe, supportive and productive partnership.  I’ve worked with coaches who helped me navigate the unique challenges of leadership within executive team dynamics and business performance and found it incredibly rewarding to have a trusted sounding board and experienced guide.  

Along with 20+ years working in senior-level leadership roles with top established brands, I’ve also spearheaded start-up initiatives and worked as an advisor for entrepreneurs and turnaround businesses. I harness my robust cognitive business savvy, balanced with a passionate people-first approach to ignite the power of coaching with head and heart. 

I am a diehard health & fitness advocate and athlete, and I champion endurance and mindfulness training to find joy in and outside of the workplace.  I have a robust yoga and meditation practice, I was a personal trainer and marathon runner for many years, and am empowered by being a mentor, sponsor, facilitator, coach.

Championing and igniting one’s quest for harmony and fulfillment, balance, self-awareness and potential to discover the best personal and professional version of themself is where my passion lies.   

I am enthused about taking my commitment to serving and helping others, my love for health & wellbeing along with my tenure and expertise in the corporate world, to offer my services to support and guide transformation. I’m excited to learn more about you.

Onward and upward.

With you and for you, let’s propel your joy journey and personal best!

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